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I have some wonderful news to share!
Coming in September 2014 . . . is my NEW book of 124 dresses and nine patterns for 18-inch dolls, titled Doll Couture!

I designed the dresses from vintage hankies and tea towels, cross-stitch tablecloths, antimacassars, bedspreads, ruffled doilies, crocheted doilies, embroidered table runners, table napkins, pillowcases, placemats, antique laces, cocktail napkins, and a curtain valance!

See too the debut of my own 18-inch doll, which has the same body size as American Girl dolls!

My doll, Truthful Tara, is on the book cover!

You can see photos and the story of Truthful Tara on my website and in my next blog post. (more…)

“Hankie Couture Silk Ribbon Sparkle Holiday Doll Dress” (below) as seen featured in the Nov/Dec 2012 issue of Sew Beautiful Magazine.

Top Rated on Amazon!

#1 on Amazon!

Hankie Couture Featured In The Wall Street Journal Press Release 2011

Original article:

“Check-out the best-dressed dolls we’ve ever seen!” – Sew Beautiful Magazine

Hankie Couture Appears In Royaltie$ Magazine

Behind The Scenes of Hankie Couture

Check out the new Hankie Couture Video!

Review from Carmen from the Riley Hugs and Kishes Board!

Over the last several months, I have had a chance to peruse Marsha Greenberg’s book, Hankie Couture, and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to see her work and read about her passion for hanky clothing designs for dolls! What a treat it has been to see so many gorgeous hanky inspired outfits with such intricate details that are truly works of miniature art!

Hankie Couture is a very well laid-out book with a plethora of gorgeous, colorful photos that are grouped together quite elegantly. In every detail of this book, you can see the personal and thoughtful touches that Marsha put into it, and I believe that this conveys how she also uses those same personal and thoughtful touches in her hanky designs. Various designs–whether they be whimsical, classical, or vintage–are all showcased with delightful quotes and background stories. There is a lovely variety of styles for daywear, evening wear, and even sleepwear! In addition, many of the designs shown have matching purses, hats, and even parasols! No matter your taste in doll clothing, you will certainly be able to find outfits to fit your own personal style preferences.

Everything about the book is tastefully done…from the overall layout, to the descriptions given for various styles of outfits, to the wonderful use of color throughout the book, including all of the fabulous photos shown. There is even a “how-to” pattern included with helpful hints in creating your own hanky dress! Marsha’s joy in creating these tiny masterpieces and her desire to share this joy with others is evident from the first page to the last. I highly recommend this book…it has been just a delight to read and has been an inspiration to my daughters and me. –Carmen

Fan Mail!

Hi Marsha,
Your book was a Birthday treat that I bought for myself! I can’t stop looking at it. I sew for dolls and have since I was little, and was intrigued by the ad in the Doll Reader magazine. I looked at you websight several times and could not believe the creativity in your doll dresses. I loved the story about you childhood and how you discovered the hankies and how the inspiration never stops. I am also a lover of old doilies and hankies and I saved all the hankies my Grandmother edged with tatting, but I will now embark on trips to the antique stores to see what treasures I can find and try my hand at creating a dress. I took your book with me to my quilt class on Friday, and my friends were just as intrigued and one woman took your information and I wouldn’t be surprised if she ordered a book also.

I just had to write and tell you how much I am enjoying your book and your lovely creations.
Happy sewing!
Linda S.


Dear Marsha,
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your book and fashion dolls.

Your book brings such a wonderful feeling to me that I can’t explain. I love the fabric colors and designs of the hankies, and I LOVE the dresses. The colors and designs remind of the Ohio art play dishes I had as a young girl. Your dolls and dresses are like eye candy to me. When I see a nice piece of chocolate candy, I just have to pop it in my mouth and enjoy its richness. Its the same way when my eyes “feast” on the gorgeous photos in your book. I look at each page and my eyes just “gobble them up.” Your book is truly “yummy”.

Your book nourishes my heart and spirit. I know that sounds cheesy, but it truly does. I am a lover of all doll things. I love the art and the fashions. I adore the fashion doll you designed. They are modern dolls with just the right amount of vintage flair. (Barbie can move to the back of the line!!) I can’t wait to dress them!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fashion doll.

I know I’m rambling on and on. But I am trying to convey to you I love your concepts and admire the work you do. Thank you for sharing the pattern in the book. I am going to try and make a hankie dress. I love your philosophy and how you inter-spersed the messages throughout the book. Your book is a joy to read.

Your book reminds me of all the things I adore: Dolls, doll dresses, old doll patterns, sewing, old fabric, lace, embroidery, and paper dolls.

Again, I would like to thank you for this book. It is bringing me much joy.
Jeanine M.


Hi Marsha, I received your beautiful book yesterday and am fascinated with your ingenuity. The dresses are lovely, intricate, and imaginative, and it’s obvious that much thoughtfulness, hard work and care went into putting this book together. It’s a work of art! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I will be sure to share it with friends and friends!

Best of luck to you in all your fashion ventures.
Joan B.


Thank you for your sweet note and speedy mailing…!!-very kind. I have to say it again — WOW!!! Your creations are simply spectacular — Hankies mean so much to us vintage and romance and heritage lovers — now here’s an incredible way to enjoy them!! Through your book and what clever and fun sayings, settings, etc it looks like you’ve put in your book!! AND you generously give us a pattern to try it ourselves….?? You are too kind. I can’t imagine anyone being able to duplicate your stunning creativity and craftsmanship, but still you are so kind to let us even try!!!
AND, you created your own doll…?!?! Who woulda thought of that?! I’ll have to get one as soon as my credit card clears a bit with some dresses….. oh… wait a minute…. do you sell through a website separate from ebay?!? If so, I’ll put some things on my Christmas list!!! My husband won’t bid / buy on ebay but he loves internet shopping…..!!!!!
I will keep in touch. I can’t wait to show your book to my sisters.
Susan H.


Dear Marsha,
I could not wait to read the book to tell you how much I love it
already. It is a work of art like your beautiful creations.
It brought such joy to my heart to just turn the pages. I am a librarian so
I have seen and read a lot of books but yours is
the best in my book. I often thought charm bracelets told a unique story
about the wearer. Now I see how a handerkerchief
can tell a story about a previous owner and at the same time turn into a
piece of art. Your artistic and creative juices must
really flow along with a great sense of craftsmanship. Each dress really
has a story to tell and I will get to enjoy them all
thanks to all your efforts.
Cathy B.


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