Review from Carmen from the Riley Hugs and Kishes Board!

Over the last several months, I have had a chance to peruse Marsha Greenberg’s book, Hankie Couture, and I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to see her work and read about her passion for hanky clothing designs for dolls! What a treat it has been to see so many gorgeous hanky inspired outfits with such intricate details that are truly works of miniature art!

Hankie Couture is a very well laid-out book with a plethora of gorgeous, colorful photos that are grouped together quite elegantly. In every detail of this book, you can see the personal and thoughtful touches that Marsha put into it, and I believe that this conveys how she also uses those same personal and thoughtful touches in her hanky designs. Various designs–whether they be whimsical, classical, or vintage–are all showcased with delightful quotes and background stories. There is a lovely variety of styles for daywear, evening wear, and even sleepwear! In addition, many of the designs shown have matching purses, hats, and even parasols! No matter your taste in doll clothing, you will certainly be able to find outfits to fit your own personal style preferences.

Everything about the book is tastefully done…from the overall layout, to the descriptions given for various styles of outfits, to the wonderful use of color throughout the book, including all of the fabulous photos shown. There is even a “how-to” pattern included with helpful hints in creating your own hanky dress! Marsha’s joy in creating these tiny masterpieces and her desire to share this joy with others is evident from the first page to the last. I highly recommend this book…it has been just a delight to read and has been an inspiration to my daughters and me. –Carmen

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