Behind The Scenes of Hankie Couture

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  • joyce says:

    What a treat to see your studio! I love your book! I just picked it up yesterday and already made a little dress.
    I’ve been making things from vintage linens for years (I’m an antique dealer), so when I saw your book I ran up to the attic to dig out my daughter’s Barbie clothes (daughter is 20 now!) and sure enough…there were 2 little dresses I made for her Barbie from vintage hankies! Your dresses take the idea to incredible levels and are such an inspiration…you are a very talented artist. Joyce

  • Christine says:

    Dear Marsha:

    A recent visit to a local thrift store took me to the clearance area. There I found a box of discarded Barbie dolls in need of repair and clothing. I told my mother how sad it was to see these dolls in a box when there were so many children that could play with them.

    Today, my mother finds your book listed in a magazine and immediately orders it! Our ideas started to swarm as we are both seamstresses by trade. We raced back to the thrift store to “rescue” the box of Barbie dolls and pulled out an old box of hankies and went to work.

    In our neighborhood is a receiving home for abused and displaced children. My mother and I thought there must be a few children that would very much like having a Barbie doll to play with and one dressed in a unique hankie. We now are writing a little poem to go with the doll dressed in a hankie.

    Kindest regards,

  • hankiecouture says:

    Christine, I am absolutely delighted to hear about your project to dress pre-owned dolls in hankie dresses, then to donate them to the home for displaced children. A big thanks to you!!! Love, Marsha


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